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Dave Joiner.

He acts like he owns the place.

Every time I build a home, I behave “as if I own the place,” because I know that if I were building my own home, the critical craftsmanship details would be very important to me. I’d want to spend a lot of time fussing over all the little things, so I make sure to do that for my clients.

And fussing over the details requires having the best possible team. As a former high-school football coach, I recognize that all of my home-building team members must be carefully vetted experts who are professionals recognized as the best in the industry.

While we might not know each other well on the day that my team pours your slab, we will be very familiar with each other when I hand you the keys. I want your new home to be everything you dreamed it would be. I want you to say, “Wow!”

What is “Wow!”? It means your spec home is more like a high-quality custom home that is built by experts who take the time to do things right, even when nobody is looking.

I personally promise you:


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Dave Joiner